Dental Growth Sprint Framework

More Website Traffic.
More New Patients.

Using our Dental Growth Sprint Framework, we help dentists and physicians increase revenue from Google through short, focused marketing sprints.
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Never Miss Your New Patient Goals Again!

Dental marketing doesn't have to be complicated. Introducing... growth sprints for dental practices - a simple 4-part methodology for driving more traffic, leads, new patients, and revenue
1. Drive Organic Traffic Immediately
Most Dental SEO companies use the same keywords over and over on every client site without seeing what's already working. Our growth sprint framework evaluates and first builds upon your website's current success so we can quickly get more traffic to your website.
2. Find the Competitor Keyword Gaps
Now we compare your website's keyword rankings to those of your top competitors in order find the "gap" - the keywords that your competitors rank for but you don't -- yet. And unlike other dental SEO companies, we ensure the keywords are 100% relevant to you and your practice.
3. Create Focused Content
Content is STILL King. Nothing helps a website climb the Google rankings ladder as quickly and as reliably as focused, well-written, authoritative content. With our keyword research in hand, we can now prepare content briefs - comprehensive start-to-finish outlines of the content you should be preparing to drive organic traffic.

4. Grab Links
Sometimes content needs links to help build authority. And while we don't love the idea of having to pay for links either, we're all in the same boat. The good news is that links al of the links we purchase for our clients (and ourselves) are from reliable and trusted vendors, and every website we link from is evaluated for quality.

Data Cleaning and Preparation

Too many marketing campaigns start without clear goals in place and without checking to make sure that data is being collected properly and accurately. That problem ends here.

No more endless monthly SEO money pits

Make content decisions based on the actual data, and purchase as much or as little as you want to meet your new patient goals.
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Meet Dr. David Wank

As a practicing general dentist with a DMD from Harvard, and the founder and COO of Short Hills Design, Dr. David Wank combines the skills of a dentist with the mind of a marketer like nobody else can.